Highlights of Union Meeting

These are some of the topics that were touched on at the Union meeting that you may have missed if you did not show up:

  • Damaged mail on the SPSS: Who’s job? = Mailhandlers work the damaged mail. At the NW P&DC they’re usually limited or light duty.
  • Floor mats for DBCS feeders are in the building – (update: 6 worst ones have been replaced) 3 or 4 more are still in the building.
  • Fire Extinguishers around the SPSS are in place, some are being moved to better locations.
  • Some new employees seem to be not getting the safety portion of Clerk Academy.
  • PSE’s are getting lots of hours on the SPSS, Clerk bids are being discussed and we hope to have them posted soon.
  • COPA sent support money to Louise Slaughter.
  • April 19th is Presidential Primary, Registration deadline is March 19th.
  • Other Primaries are June & September.
  • National Election is Tuesday, November 8.
  • Maintenance :  Zimmerman is back at the NW P&DC, Dyson still there also.
  • Maintenance : Employees are getting cross training on the SPSS.
  • Lead Clerks & TACS Training – National Decision – Lead Clerks Should be getting TACS training by August 1st of this year.
  • Employees need to listen to the Lead 7’s, they are supposed to be directing work.
  • If management is telling them that they don’t have to listen to Lead 7’s, then grievances should be filed.
  • Plants are getting new Attendance Control Officers, people need to be regular in attendance, There’s 168 hours in a week, show up for the 40 you are scheduled or you’re going to get written up.
  • If you have a serious medical condition or family member condition, get FMLA documentation.
  • For Comp cases, Experts in Occupational Medicine that can get you and and are used to dealing with work related injuries are The Fingerlakes Occupational Group, they take state and federal workers comp cases. They have Industrial Medicine Experts.
  • Stop Staples campaign has been successful in persuading other companies to stop considering similar programs.
  • Global Settlement PTF Clerks : No appeal is necessary if your name is on the list on the website for payouts.
  • Our  Contract Campaign is officially over, continue to wear your Union gear, but the campaign was unanimously terminated, since we are knee deep in arbitration now.

Lets try to get more people to the next meeting, April 21, 2016.

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