Current Events

On April 6th, the APWU wrapped up it’s opening round in the National Arbitration case regarding our Contract. Now the Postal Service presents their side. You can read more about it here.

Our second biweekly Labor/Management meeting at the Jefferson Rd. P&DC was canceled on April 5th but the April 19th Labor/Management meeting was held on schedule. The discussion covered the DBCS machine that got moved and one that got extended. Also discussed was 3 DBCS machine removals along with extending 4 other ones. That process is ongoing but should be complete in another week or 2. Orientation with the APWU that was denied some transfers and new employees to our craft was discussed and 30 something were supposed to show up Monday night at 6 P.M. but somehow only 13 showed and it turns out management was either unaware of people’s start times or days off or just forgot to change them. Go figure.

We had a union meeting on Thursday last week. The Pizza and wings showed up a half hour or so late so we had to take a break after the meeting started. Sacks being filled to heavy on the SPSS machine in the Rochester plant was discussed. So was Priority mail, with Jim making it clear that all Priority mail distribution in the Jefferson Rd Plant is APWU work. Transporting is the only MailHandler work.  Also having 1 clerk working a DBCS was discussed, as was having 3 clerks possibly working the larger ones. A settlement agreement for some of the Rochester P&DC custodians totaling close to a quarter million dollars has been signed. In addition, Carrie Wolffe was appointed to Chief Steward in the Clerk Craft at the Executive Board meeting. Congrats Carrie.

It’s worker’s Memorial Day Thursday April 28 and there will be a short little program on the corner of Highland Dr. and South Ave at 5 P.M.

We also had a Labor/Management meeting at the NW P&DC yesterday, April 25. It was rather uneventful, however  there were a few topics that were discussed, including orientation with new transfers/employees there.

Lastly, Jim & Mary Kay had their badge access taken away from the Plants on the 18th since someone in Buffalo decided that since they were retired Postal Workers they shouldn’t have access. We got notified Yesterday, and in turn notified Buffalo, that they are entitled to access, and that comes rights from Headquarters.

I’m still looking for Steward info to add to the website and stewards that desire email addresses just need to email me at mailto:Rob@apwulocal215.comand let me know.   Thanks


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