Recent Happenings

We had a Union Meeting last Thursday June 16th and there won’t be another General Meeting until September 15th, after Labor Day,  so I want to encourage everyone as we get closer to Labor day to try and plan on walking in the Labor Day parade with us.

Several things were discussed at the Union meeting. One issue being investigated is whether PIV (Powered Industrial Vehicles) licenses need to be carried on the person’s body. Safety is looking into whether OSHA requires this or not. Aisle-ways at the P&DC being all but blocked off has been an issue. The PIE carts are clogging up the aisles on tour 3. I personally was a witness to this Sunday night (3 days after the meeting and almost a week after it was brought up at a Labor-Management meeting).

There have been some successful PSE in lieu of” grievances and a more recent one at the P&DC dispensed over $8000.00 to some of our regular clerks that should have worked. AT the Labor Management meeting our Rochester P&DC Plant Manager (A) Monica Nevins says she is on top of it and the violations are becoming more uncommon.

A payout (from 2014) for some clerks at the NW P&DC has finally came through. Meanwhile PSE’s have been given letters (Dated June 14th) soliciting for volunteers to transfer to the Rochester P&DC. If you volunteer there will be no callback rights to the NW P&DC and your PSE seniority (which is by installation) will be reset(new relative standing date). Legislation talked about a few endorsements. Motor Vehicle is hoping to get some truck routes returned due to a zero base study.

Some constitutional amendments were discussed and passed at the executive board meeting. They will be presented to the body, I believe in September so make sure you attend. In addition Rob Stahl (me) was appointed to fill the Vice President position and the Executive board unanimously approved. Anne Messina was appointed Maintenance Chief Steward and we all welcomed her as well. The website will be updated accordingly.

Tomorrow we are providing new steward training to some members that are stepping up.

That’s about it for now. Enjoy the weather.

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