Union Meeting This Thursday!!!!

There will be the September Union Meeting at the IBEW hall on East River Rd this Thursday September 15th, 2016 at 6:00 P.M.  Take the time to attend, there are only 9 regular meetings a year so here’s your chance to catch up on what’s been going on.

There will be a vote on proposed changes to our constitution and bylaws. Show up and voice your opinion to vote for or against the changes. We are considering changing to a part-time president as well as changing some other details in the constitution. Come be a part of it all.

Additionally we would like more people to step up and participate in our Union. Elections will be in a few months and some people have shown interest in becoming stewards. PSE employees CAN be stewards. Anyone member can become a steward if they have the willingness to commit and the drive to learn.

We are in the period of local negotiations. If you want to give input on the negotiations but have unable to convey them to a steward or Chief Steward then come and let them be known.

Factoid of the day:   A PSE that is converted to a career employee will not be given another 90 day probationary period if they completed one full term as a PSE.

National Officers are running for election and if you send in your ballot you can have a chance to win $2000 for our local to spend on it’s members (see more at http://www.apwu.org/sites/apwu/files/nsb-pdfs/NSB14%20for%20For%20Web_0.pdf

Additionally, at the Union meeting we will be proposing an incentive for one of our local members to win, to encourage everyone to vote as well. Come to the meeting to find out details.

National Officers that the Executive Board has endorsed are :

  • President     –     Mark Dimondstein
  • Vice-President      –     Jeff Kehlert
  • Industrial Relations      –     Vance Zimmerman
  • Legislative     –     Judy beard
  • Health Plan Director     –     John Marcotte
  • Research & Education Director     –     Joyce Robinson
  • Regional Coordinator (Eastern)     –     Mike Gallagher
  • Clerk Craft Director     –     Ross Baker
  • Maintenance Craft Director     –     Steven Raymer
  • Maintenance-Assistant Director     –     Terry Martinez

National State and local elections are coming up in November and some primaries being held tomorrow.  Get out and Vote. Check out the following 2 links on voting.

Can I Vote?

Voter registration USA

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