Union Meeting This Thursday – October 20th

Heads up, there is a union meeting this Thursday at 6:00 P.M. at the IBEW hall on East River Rd. Just take Jefferson Rd west past RIT and turn right on East River Rd, just before the bridge, and the IBEW hall is about 1/4 mile up on the right hand side, just before the train tracks. All members are welcome to attend. As usual, there will be Pizza, wings and drinks.  In addition, we will be voting on a couple of significant constitutional changes to our local Constitution that have been proposed. You have to be there to vote on the changes.

Local negotiations have been keeping us busy. We have finalized both Maintenance LMOUs, the one in the Jefferson Rd. P&DC and the one at the Lyell Rd. NW P&DC. The Clerk LMOU for the P&DC is almost complete, and the NW P&DC Clerk and the Jefferson Rd MVO LMOUs are close to completion as well. We are about to begin negotiations for the Associate Offices. We are planning on making the LMOUs downloadable from this website, once they are finalized, so watch for that in the near future.

National Elections are over and most of the candidates our local endorsed have won. You can see the unofficial results by clicking “HERE”.

New employees should really try to attend the union meetings and learn all they can. The contractual things most of us know and take for granted are not known at all by new employees that have never learned. One such example is signing up for an overtime desired list (ODL). You can only add your name to an ODL at the beginning of each quarter, when the sign-up sheets are made available around 2 weeks prior to each quarter.  You can get off an ODL at anytime, however if you have already been scheduled for overtime, you still have to work it. When you change bids, to different sections/tours, you may, at your discretion, carry with you, your ODL status to the new tour.

Hope to see you at the meeting.


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