1.6.B Global Remedy Settlement Payout

The second round of payments on the fifty six million dollar 1.6.b
Global Remedy Settlement has not been paid yet and is forthcoming.

There were 13,393 payees identified on the first round of payments.

Of that number, the USPS alleged they made 1429 errors of overpayments
and just as many underpayments based on the payment request submitted
by the APWU.

APWU has cross checked, identified and verified for corrections all
the errors from the initial payments.

APWU requested that the payouts be inputted by APWU bargaining unit employees and that the payments be made on separate checks for tracking purposes.

Instead the USPS inputted the payments by Labor Relations staff via pay adjustments on normal payroll checks with the end result being thousands of errors.

APWU has now been tasked with comparing the payments made by the USPS in the initial round of payments with the individual amounts the APWU submitted for payment, consistent with the amounts placed on the APWU website for the payees to review.

During this timeframe, APWU received a list of 94 payees that were either not on the original list for payment and/or not credited for the proper number of weeks.

We received 618 inquiries from Payees stating they were not paid at all that we had to trace individually for payments, of which the following results were found:

Payees Were Paid 573

Payees Not Paid: 44, of which the Postal Service has corrected all but 6.

APWU Error: 1

At the August 2016 National Convention, the APWU delegates voted on and passed a resolution requiring the APWU to support requiring the USPS allow the APWU Support Service bargaining unit make the payment adjustments for the second round of payments.

The Clerk Division supported the Support Service Division on this endeavor. After months of discussions, the Postal Service would not adhere. On Monday, the Postal Service informed me that Eagan would be involved in the payment processing.


The second round of payments will include the following:

1. Payee to be paid $6.36 per week for each week of credits, and if applicable for 94 payees,

2. Additional payment of $26.23 per week for those incorrectly credited/ or not credited at all in the first round of payments ( based on forms submitted to the NBA), to be include in the payment.

The Postal Service stated they will be subtracting from the second round of payments to payees any amount that was overpaid from the initial round of payments.

The second round payout information will be placed on the APWU website under the Members Only section for the payees to review in the same manner as they did in the first round. This is the correct amount due the payee. Any overpayments from first round will be subtracted from this round resulting in a few receiving no second round payment.
We will also keep the initial payment amount on the website so that a payee can ascertain what they should have been paid on the first round also.

The process has been tedious as employees have retired, changed their names due to marriage/ divorce, change back to maiden name, etc.

We will send a spreadsheet to the NBAs, Regional Coordinators and the State and Local Presidents to respond to inquiries.

Under the first payout I had to research individually over 600 inquiries on non-payments only to find only 44 actual errors of non-payments., roughly 7%.

If an active employee states they have not been paid, I will need all pay stubs dating back to January 2016, no exceptions. When I requested the pay stubs previously, in almost all cases in the past, it was determined they had been paid.

If the payee is retired, I will need the Postmaster’s name, office name, office telephone number of the post office and ONLY after the APWU local/state president has contacted the Postmaster and verified they did not receive a check for the payee. I will be working with APWU Retirees Director, Nancy Olumekor. Inquiries can also be made to USPS HQ Finance Department to locate where a retired payee’s check was mailed to and if not located, the process for reissuing a new check. Normally these checks are mailed to the last office of employment with the Postal Service.

As this second and final payment will distribute any and all remaining funds from the $56,000,000.00 payout, it was extremely important to exercise care in getting this right.

I would like to personally thank Mike Barrett of the Buffalo Area Local, Geoff Knowles and Roger Cronk for their much valued assistance in bringing this task to closure. I am confident that we got it right.

As a result of the numerous errors made on the initial round of payments, the USPS has informed me that there will be numerous layers of vetting the payment process for accuracy on their part as the OIG was involved.

Do not expect to receive the payments during the holiday season.

I will share more information on when the payments will be made once the information is provided from the Postal Service.

The goal is to have the payout information on the APWU website under the Members Only section and distributed to the field no later than Friday, December 9th.

Please share with your APWU local/state presidents, officers, stewards and members.

Thank you for your patience and consideration.

Have a happy holiday season.

Lamont Brooks
Assistant Director
Clerk Division

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