LMOUs Are Finished And Online !!!

Every LMOU that was updated and signed is now on the website. This includes LMOUs that cover Maintenance, Motor Vehicle Service and each and every associate office under our Local. You can find them all and download them by clicking on LMOUs at the top of this page.  Only the Clerk LMOU in the P&DC and the Clerk LMOU in the NW P&DC were not updated. No agreement has been reached because Management hasn’t decided whether it  wants to sign the agreed upon language or not. Our 2010-2015 LMOU stays in effect, at least for now, so I have placed them on the LMOU page as well.  Feel free to print copies for yourself and coworkers.


There is a very important Union Meeting this Thursday, January 19th, because this is the meeting for nominations for your representatives that will start a new term of Office on April 1st.  President Jim Bertolone will not be seeking re-election, so all offices are up for grabs.  Members desiring to be a steward or other officer should show up at this meeting.

Bring a union brother or sister!!!

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