Trump Freezes Federal Hiring & January’s Nominations Results

Federal Hiring Freeze

President Trump very quickly put a freeze on hiring of Federal Workers. We are unsure if this includes Postal Workers at this point. The following is a message from our own President, President Mark Dimondstein:

All, At this point in time we are examining  the new Trump Executive Order regarding a Federal hiring freeze and investigating whether it applies to the Postal Service. We are in discussions with our attorneys, our sister postal unions as well as postal management. When we have a clear answer we will get back to everyone. Thanks for your patience.


Our Local’s January Nominations for Elected Offices

The Following is a list of the nominations that were presented at the January Meeting. All nominations were unopposed. Therefore all nominees will assume Office on April 1st. Those offices listed below as “vacant” had no nominations. If you are a full dues paying member in good standing, and have not been an EAS employee, or 204b in the last year, you are welcome to submit a request, in writing, and will be considered by the President after April 1st.

President ———————-Robert Stahl

Vice-President—————–Zachary Deruyter

Secretary/Treasurer———-Linda Recino

Legislative Director———–vacant

Recording Secretary———-vacant

Sergeant at Arms————–vacant

MVS Chief Steward———–vacant

MVS Driver Steward——Dale Michael

VMF Steward————–vacant

Maintenance Stewards

Chief Steward————Anne Messina

P&DC, Tour 1————vacant

P&DC, Tour 2————vacant

P&DC, Tour 3————Kathleen Wilson

NW P&DC, All tours—-Vacant

Clerk Stewards

P&DC Chief Steward—-Carrie Wolff

Tour 1———————Gayle Rookwood

Tour 2———————vacant

Tour 3———————Michelle Pokutecki

NW P&DC Chief Steward—–vacant


Tour 2———————vacant

Tour 3———————Renee Zambuto

Customer Service Stewards

Chief Steward————-Cheryl Goggins

City Stations—————Angela Archible, Colette Romach

Associate Offices

Fairport—————–Chris Zambuto

Henrietta—————-Rachelle Trudel


Anyone wishing to be an alternate steward needs to put the request in writing and send to APWU Local 215, PO BOX 22692, Rochester  NY 14692. The President will consider all requests and appoint alternate stewards at the April Meeting upon Needs of the Sections and Approval of the Executive Board.


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