Steward Training & a Union Meeting This Week

It’s been very busy lately. It seems management is relentless on it’s perceived mission to ignore the contract more than ever before. New supervisors tend to make new supervisor mistakes, but some of the actions taken by more seasoned management lately leaves one to wonder if the increase isn’t coming from the District or Area. The President and Vice-President cannot be every member’s personal steward, so please understand if we refer you to your Steward or Chief Steward. By the Stewards and Chief Stewards fielding the questions and grievances, we are all able to get more accomplished and believe me, the Stewards and Chief Stewards are more than capable. When an issue or question arises that the stewards or Chief Stewards don’t have the answer to, they can inquire with the President and Vice-President and by this process, we all learn, and the next time the same or similar issue arises, the knowledge gained by the stewards will benefit others.

Certain things we know are coming from the higher ups. Limitations on changes of schedules and non-sched day overtime limits are of frequent discussion amongst the craft.  This too shall pass.

We had a great turnout today at the Union Office where we gave 8 members Steward Training. Some were nominated/elected at the January meeting, and some were members that just recently decided to get the training with the possibility of being appointed stewards and alternate stewards soon. The enthusiasm expressed by some of them was really uplifting and makes me feel good about the future of our local. The future looks very promising.

Thursday night is a Union Meeting, and will be the last one that our current President, Jim Bertolone, will be leading. I hope many will be able to find the time to come out and wish Jim the best in his retirement, which will begin in just over 2 weeks.

I realize it has been a bit of time since the website has been updated, and I apologize for that. If any member wishes to contribute content to the website, please drop me an email at , I would be eager to accept the help.


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