Union Meeting February Minutes

The following is the recorded minutes of the February meeting.  Although we are posting them on the website, they have not been approved. Any corrections and approval will be done at the March 15 Union meeting.




Meeting called to order 6:23 pm.


MOTION: To change the order of business so the Executive Board could meet first to discuss the members who recently took Steward Training and who may be sworn in tonight.  The motion was 2nd and passed.


The candidates for stewards or alternate stewards were discussed and it was agreed by the Executive Board that the following candidates would be sworn in as new stewards or alternate stewards:


  1. Lori Faraone, PSE Clerk P&DC              4. Marcia Lovett, Clerk, P&DC
  2. Robert Bruegger, MVS                             5. Dawn Cuffee, MOS Clerk NWP&DC
  3. Joseph Morrill, PSE Clerk, Pittsford     6. Cherisa Sellers, Clerk, Westgate


President Stahl asked former Union President, James Bertolone, to do the honor of swearing in all the above.  They were all sworn in on 2/15/18 at 6:30 pm and will be certified by President Stahl.  Congratulations to all the above and we hope they have a long career with this Union.We then continued with the General Meeting. Due to last month’s low attendance we could not approve these at the last meeting.

MOTION: To accept November’s General meeting minutes, 2nd and approved.

There is no General meeting held in December.

MOTION: To accept January’s General Meeting minutes, 2nd and approved.

MOTION: To accept the November’s Treasurer’s Report, 2nd and approved.

MOTION: To accept the December’s Treasurer’s Report, 2nd and approved.

P&DC Maintenance:  Anne Messina not at meeting—Kathleen Wilson reported that Maintenance is busy getting ready for DBCS machines to be moved again—Machines 12 and 13 will be flipped this weekend.  It is going to be a tight fit until they make further moves the following week so please be aware due to safety concerns.  Machines 8 and 14 will be flipped the following week.  Watch out for changing of the aisles.  There has been a problem with the snowplowing—the custodians who are trained in snowplowing are supposed to get the snowplowing duties first then the MM 7’s this has been an ongoing problem and has been grieved.  Stewards, Kathleen Wilson and Rachelle Trudel have been working with President Stahl on getting the clerks in the AO’s the custodial hours.  Right now many AO’s use contract workers and this work belongs to the clerk craft in the small AO’s.  The custodial hours are supposed to be added to their hours.  Some clerks have been performing the custodial duties in between customers, which they are not supposed to do.  They are supposed to add hours to their schedule so they can do the custodial duties before or after their clerk duties.  Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is short at the P&DC—new mechanics and ET’s don’t even have any yet.  They are supposed to wear this equipment while working on the machines.  Chief Steward Messina had a meeting with Maintenance Management to try and get this problem solved ASAP.  Laura Chiccino has been promoted to Manager, Maintenance Engineering.    

NW Maintenance: Kevin Dyson is out as Maintenance Manager and Jason Holve is filling in until a new Manager is put in that position. Jason Holve has settled a number of grievances including the safety issues that were happening at the NW P&DC.

Motor Vehicle:  Dale Michael has stepped down as the steward in the Motor Vehicle craft.  PSEs have been converted to PTFs.  Have not heard anything recently about the new truck runs that we won back in arbitration.  With the conversion of PTFs—maybe we will see some of the truck runs back.

Customer Service:   No one available from Customer Service, Chief Steward Cheryl Goggins is out for surgery.

P&DC Plant:  We have had grievances for No Steward item time, Holiday Postings, Managers not bargaining in good faith, PSEs in lieu of ODL, Crossing Crafts and Bargaining Unit Work.  Concerning the Crossing Craft grievances—Mailhandler Vice President, Greg Hubbard, signed off that the separation of 5 digit parcels is clerk work.  So those grievances should be settled.  There is a big problem with bosses working on Tour I; SDO Marcus Forsett does not even dress up anymore because he says he knows he will have to do some work during the night.  The PSEs on Tour I need to write statements and let us know when they see the bosses working.  There are very few regular clerks on Tour I.  PSEs cannot get “in trouble” for writing statements and it helps the Union to try and get more clerk positions so we can get these PSEs converted to full time status.  Requests for Information are not being filled in a time manner; therefore, many of the Step II meetings have to be proposed or the grievances put on hold until the information is received.  Pre-disciplinary interviews are being performed every time someone reports an accident on Tour III.  This is against the law and we are trying to get this stopped.  Empty equipment is everywhere—management is working with a trucking contractor to get the empty equipment out of the building—Lou Brugnoni commented on what a mess the empty equipment is in the garage.

NW P&DC Plant: Zach reported that he is caught up with the Step II grievances at the NW P&DC. He is also having problems getting information—The Requests for Information are not being filled by management in a timely manner.

Legislative: The Postal Reform Act of 2017 is stalled in Congress—nothing new to report on that. Jim Maxwell announced he would be running in Louise Slaughter’s district for Congress as the Republican candidate—no word from Louise yet as to whether she will run again—we all hope so for the good of Labor.  She has been an outstanding Congresswoman—no one better!!

Safety:  Was included in the other reports concerning empty equipment piled up at the P&DC and moving of aisles as maintenance moves DBCSs around. Everyone work safely and watch where you are going.

Vice President’s Report:  Once again Zach reported that the Step II’s at the NW P&DC are mostly caught up.  He has one 14 Day Suspension grievance pending.  There is a problem getting information when requested on the Request for Information forms.  Zach has been working on PTF maximization at AO’s.  If PTFs are working 40 hours or more on a continually basis—we may be able to get them converted to full time status.  AO’s clerks need to inform us if this is happening in your office.  Let us know.  Also, for everyone, please keep writing statements if you see crossing craft violations or bosses working (bargaining unit work grievances)—it may be your job you save.  We must have when the bosses worked, for how long and what craft jobs they performed.  We can only take care of problems or get members more hours or get them converted, if we know about it especially in the Station/Branches and AOS.  You are the Union’s eyes and ears.  Please keep us informed.

President’s Report:  We had no quorum last meeting—could not conduct any business—we need members to show up. There have been issues at Westgate Station—one PSE resigned.  Station Manager, Ryan Williams, hard to deal with.  The CCA’s at Westgate are coming in to throw parcels—our newly certified steward, Cherisa Sellers, who works at the Westgate Station reported that the CCA’s come in early to do clerk work.  Also management is telling the clerks at Westgate that they will not get paid for  grieving the CCA’s crossing crafts.  President Stahl reported that those grievances will be settled for pay.  President Stahl has been meeting with Ron Coon about the AO custodial duties—POOM Coon is settling the custodial grievances that when added to the clerk hours, the clerk does not go over 40 hours.  The contract says that clerks can be given the custodial hours even if the bid ends up being over 40 hours a week.  Piffard and West Henrietta have that problem so they were not settled.  However, grievances settled for Union Hall/Wyoming were settled over 40 hours but the hours were never given to the clerks—President Stahl is working to get that corrected immediately.  There have been 2 steward’s training classes, one in January and one in February.  Listed above are the 6 stewards sworn in and will be certified. Question about split shifts in Function 4 offices: one clerk is being retaliated against by the Postmaster. The Postmaster gave her a schedule where she has 2 splits a day—this is allowed by the contract but President Stahl will speak with POOM Ron Coon as he is reasonable to deal with to try and straight out this situation.

Good and Welfare:  Jack Rosenstein notified everyone at the meeting that his W-2 for 2017 said North Carolina (NC) on the form as his address instead of New York (NY). He wanted to make everyone aware.


$595.77 for purchase and printing of Christmas cards, 2nd and approved.

$180.00 to purchase up to 4 tickets for the AFL-CIO Labor Recognition Dinner, 2nd and approved.

$200.00 to purchase up to 4 tickets for Tom Gillett’s Retirement Party, 2nd and approved.

In April 2017 there was a motion made to get rid of 4 old computers and 1 old printer—and $1500.00 approved to purchase 3 new computers and 2 new printers.  President Stahl purchased 2 printers but had not yet purchased 3 computers.  When he was looking over the minutes to the April 2017 because he was going to purchase the computers he noticed that the minutes were not correct.  SO: A MOTION was made to correct the minutes of the April 2017 minutes to state that we were going to get rid of 4 computers and 1 printer and purchase 3 computers and 2 printers for $1500.00.  This motion was 2nd and approved.

Another MOTION was that after President Stahl used $500.00 to already purchase the printers and decided he needed $2000.00 all together to purchase the 3 additional computers, so the MOTION was for an additional $500.00 on top of the already approved $1500.00 to purchase the 3 computers and 2 printers, this motion was 2nd and approved.

Motion to Adjourn—7:20 pm, 2nd and approved. 

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