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Clerk Craft (Plants) – LMOUs carry forward -no new agreement reached

  1. NW P&DC LMOU               LnDC-Clerk-LMOU-2011-2015 –          No new LMOU
  2. P&DC LMOU                      Apwu-PnDC-Clerk-LMOU-2011-2015 –      No new LMOU

Motor Vehicle

  1. P&DC MVS                           Rochester – Motor Vehicle-LMOU-2015-2018


  1. NW P&DC LMOU                LnDC-Maintenance-LMOU-2015-2018
  2. P&DC LMOU                        PnDC-Maintenance-LMOU-2015-2018

Associate Offices