2016 Open Season Health Benefits Fair

There’s a health benefits fair which everyone is welcome to attend on Friday November 11 from 1:00 til 7:00 PM. It will be at the Radisson Hotel, 175 Jefferson Rd, near RIT. You can call for more information at 585-334-0963 or click on the following link to download the health-plan-fair-flyer.



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New Maintenance LMOU’s

We have digitized the new maintenance LMOUs for the NW P&DC and the Jefferson Rd. P&DC. You can click on the links below, download and save or print right from your browser.


NW P&DC Maintenance LMOU  – – – – – – – – – – – –     lndc-maintenance-lmou-2015-2018

Jefferson Rd. P&DC Maintenance LMOU  – – – – –     pndc-maintenance-lmou-2015-2018

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Union Meeting This Thursday – October 20th

Heads up, there is a union meeting this Thursday at 6:00 P.M. at the IBEW hall on East River Rd. Just take Jefferson Rd west past RIT and turn right on East River Rd, just before the bridge, and the IBEW hall is about 1/4 mile up on the right hand side, just before the train tracks. All members are welcome to attend. As usual, there will be Pizza, wings and drinks.  In addition, we will be voting on a couple of significant constitutional changes to our local Constitution that have been proposed. You have to be there to vote on the changes.

Local negotiations have been keeping us busy. We have finalized both Maintenance LMOUs, the one in the Jefferson Rd. P&DC and the one at the Lyell Rd. NW P&DC. The Clerk LMOU for the P&DC is almost complete, and the NW P&DC Clerk and the Jefferson Rd MVO LMOUs are close to completion as well. We are about to begin negotiations for the Associate Offices. We are planning on making the LMOUs downloadable from this website, once they are finalized, so watch for that in the near future.

National Elections are over and most of the candidates our local endorsed have won. You can see the unofficial results by clicking “HERE”.

New employees should really try to attend the union meetings and learn all they can. The contractual things most of us know and take for granted are not known at all by new employees that have never learned. One such example is signing up for an overtime desired list (ODL). You can only add your name to an ODL at the beginning of each quarter, when the sign-up sheets are made available around 2 weeks prior to each quarter.  You can get off an ODL at anytime, however if you have already been scheduled for overtime, you still have to work it. When you change bids, to different sections/tours, you may, at your discretion, carry with you, your ODL status to the new tour.

Hope to see you at the meeting.


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2016 National Convention

The APWU National Convention was held in Orlando Florida from August 22-25.  Rob Stahl, Carrie Wolff, Michelle Pokutecki and Anne Messina were in attendance.  There were a variety of classes offered on Friday, and we were each allowed to attend two of them.  Craft breakout sessions were held on Saturday and Sunday.  Carrie and Michelle attended the clerk division, while Rob and I attended the Maintenance division session.

It was my first National Convention and I found it to be very interesting and informative.  I learned so much in just a few days.  There were 2100 delegates representing all 50 states along with Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands.

Each day started with a different motivational speaker.  Each speaker had a message of solidarity and a promise to stand with us in our “Fight for Justice.”

We heard from many people from different unions, both National and International.  The APWU vowed to stand by these people and support them.

We heard from employees of Nabisco who were laid off because of corporate greed.  The CEO of Nabisco makes $120 million/year and she decided to move the Oreo division to Mexico so she could make more money!!  This move cost 600 people their jobs.  The APWU agreed to support these people by boycotting the purchase of Oreo cookies and other Nabisco products that are made in Mexico.  Please join us by making a conscious effort to check the labels and not purchase Nabisco products that are made in Mexico.

The Dr. who exposed the Flint Michigan water crisis, Dr. Mona Hanna -Attish, also spoke at the convention.  She told about the many children who came to her office exhibiting symptoms of lead poisoning.  It was an alarming number and she knew that she had to look further into the cause.  She found that a non-corrosive agent was not being added to the water in order to save money.  This allowed corrosive and lead particles to infiltrate the water supply.  Lead poisoning causes irreversible brain damage and developmental delays in children.

Before the decline of the auto industry, Flint had good union jobs, had the highest per capita wages in the country and had great schools and hospitals.  Now Flint is equated with disaster.

The irony of the situation is that Michigan is the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” It has the most fresh water in the country, but the residents of Flint can’t get clean water.

Bottled water was sold at the convention for $1 per bottle, with the money being donated to the Flint water crisis.  The APWU raised $10,000.  A motion was made to take a collection from the delegates to support the cause.  A very generous collective effort raised $12,600 !!  The Mott Foundation, which is located in Flint, matched our donation and brought the total to $50,000.  Dr. Hanna – Attish was deeply moved  by this donation and it was voted unanimously that she be inducted as an honorary APWU member.

One of the hot topics was the return of Postal Banking.  We take for granted the ability to have bank accounts and the choice of how we pay our bills, whether it’s on line or by check.  We have this choice because we have the opportunity to utilize direct deposit.  Many banks charge fees for not maintaining a minimum balance.  Having direct deposit usually eliminates those fees.  Many Americans do not have the ability to maintain a required balance and live pay check to pay check.  Many people are forced to use check cashing “businesses” that charge a percentage of the check amount to cash it.  This greed puts people in a deeper hole and forces them to take out pay-day l0ans with very high interest rates.  This ultimately becomes a vicious cycle with no end in sight.

Postal banking would eliminate much of the greed and would give people freedom from ridiculously high fees, an escape from pay-day loan sharks, and would keep them from sinking deeper into debt.  Lower income Americans would be able to achieve a sense of equality with Middle class Americans by being afforded the same opportunity to have bank accounts and a choice of how to pay their bills.

What I found to be most interesting at the convention, is seeing how our contract is negotiated.  I was unaware of this procedure until I attended the convention.  Proposals,(resolutions as they are referred to), are first brought to the Local level for approval.  If the resolution passes at this level, it is brought to the State Convention and voted on there by the delegates.  Once it passes at the State level, it is brought to the National Convention.  There are many different committees that offer a recommendation that the resolution be concurred (passed) or non-concurred (failed) and they give their reason for their decision.  It is then turned over to the delegates.  The delegates may then voice their opinion, one person at a time, and why they agree or disagree with the committee’s recommendation.  Changes to the resolution are allowed to be made.  These changes are called amendments.  These amendments could be anything from adding to or deleting words or phrases from the original resolution, and then the amendments are voted on by the delegates.  If the resolution passes, it will be brought to the next contract negotiation session and presented to the USPS to be put on the bargaining table.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to attend the National Convention.

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Union Meeting This Thursday!!!!

There will be the September Union Meeting at the IBEW hall on East River Rd this Thursday September 15th, 2016 at 6:00 P.M.  Take the time to attend, there are only 9 regular meetings a year so here’s your chance to catch up on what’s been going on.

There will be a vote on proposed changes to our constitution and bylaws. Show up and voice your opinion to vote for or against the changes. We are considering changing to a part-time president as well as changing some other details in the constitution. Come be a part of it all.

Additionally we would like more people to step up and participate in our Union. Elections will be in a few months and some people have shown interest in becoming stewards. PSE employees CAN be stewards. Anyone member can become a steward if they have the willingness to commit and the drive to learn.

We are in the period of local negotiations. If you want to give input on the negotiations but have unable to convey them to a steward or Chief Steward then come and let them be known.

Factoid of the day:   A PSE that is converted to a career employee will not be given another 90 day probationary period if they completed one full term as a PSE.

National Officers are running for election and if you send in your ballot you can have a chance to win $2000 for our local to spend on it’s members (see more at http://www.apwu.org/sites/apwu/files/nsb-pdfs/NSB14%20for%20For%20Web_0.pdf

Additionally, at the Union meeting we will be proposing an incentive for one of our local members to win, to encourage everyone to vote as well. Come to the meeting to find out details.

National Officers that the Executive Board has endorsed are :

  • President     –     Mark Dimondstein
  • Vice-President      –     Jeff Kehlert
  • Industrial Relations      –     Vance Zimmerman
  • Legislative     –     Judy beard
  • Health Plan Director     –     John Marcotte
  • Research & Education Director     –     Joyce Robinson
  • Regional Coordinator (Eastern)     –     Mike Gallagher
  • Clerk Craft Director     –     Ross Baker
  • Maintenance Craft Director     –     Steven Raymer
  • Maintenance-Assistant Director     –     Terry Martinez

National State and local elections are coming up in November and some primaries being held tomorrow.  Get out and Vote. Check out the following 2 links on voting.

Can I Vote?

Voter registration USA

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Local Negotiations

Today commences the 60 days for local negotiations. The USPS and our Local get to negotiate for 30 days regarding changes to our Local Memorandum of Understandings (LMOUs). We are planning on setting the 30 days for The Rochester P&DC and the NW Rochester P&DC to be from September 11th through October 10th, and for the associate offices October 11 through November 7, 2016.

If there are issues you know of, either currently in your LMOU, or absent from your LMOU, that you feel we should consider addressing at the local negotiations, bring them up to your steward or chief steward.

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Holiday Clerk Assistants

Time is running out for Retirees that want to work as a Holiday Clerk Assistant in both mail processing and customer service. In summary, retirees are allowed to apply for and work during the holiday season and it will have no adverse effect on their annuity.
Those interested in working temporarily as a Holiday Clerk Assistant, must apply online at www.usps.com/employment. To apply, click on the “Search Now” button, type “Annuitant” in the space next to “Keywords,” and then click “Start.”
•Applications are being accepted until Sept. 11, 2016.
•The pay is set at $16.06 per hour (the same hourly rate as Grade 6 Postal Support Employees).
•The appointment is limited to a six-week period from Nov. 12 through Dec. 23, 2016, or Nov. 26, 2016, through Jan. 6, 2017.

Read more at http://www.apwu.org/news/web-news-article/applications-holiday-temp-jobs-due-sept-11.

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Labor Day Parade

All Members wishing to come out and join us as we march in the Labor Day Parade are welcome. All marchers will receive a parade T-shirt so come show your solidarity On Monday September 5th at 10:30 A.M. (The parade starts at 11:00) at the Teacher’s Hall at 30 N. Union Street.
Hope to see you there!!!

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New Contract!!!

A lot has been happening recently. An arbitrator ruled on July 8th and we now have a new contract. So much has been coming out since then I will link a few here.

Take a look through them. There’s a lot of good info.

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Recent Happenings

We had a Union Meeting last Thursday June 16th and there won’t be another General Meeting until September 15th, after Labor Day,  so I want to encourage everyone as we get closer to Labor day to try and plan on walking in the Labor Day parade with us.

Several things were discussed at the Union meeting. One issue being investigated is whether PIV (Powered Industrial Vehicles) licenses need to be carried on the person’s body. Safety is looking into whether OSHA requires this or not. Aisle-ways at the P&DC being all but blocked off has been an issue. The PIE carts are clogging up the aisles on tour 3. I personally was a witness to this Sunday night (3 days after the meeting and almost a week after it was brought up at a Labor-Management meeting).

There have been some successful PSE in lieu of” grievances and a more recent one at the P&DC dispensed over $8000.00 to some of our regular clerks that should have worked. AT the Labor Management meeting our Rochester P&DC Plant Manager (A) Monica Nevins says she is on top of it and the violations are becoming more uncommon.

A payout (from 2014) for some clerks at the NW P&DC has finally came through. Meanwhile PSE’s have been given letters (Dated June 14th) soliciting for volunteers to transfer to the Rochester P&DC. If you volunteer there will be no callback rights to the NW P&DC and your PSE seniority (which is by installation) will be reset(new relative standing date). Legislation talked about a few endorsements. Motor Vehicle is hoping to get some truck routes returned due to a zero base study.

Some constitutional amendments were discussed and passed at the executive board meeting. They will be presented to the body, I believe in September so make sure you attend. In addition Rob Stahl (me) was appointed to fill the Vice President position and the Executive board unanimously approved. Anne Messina was appointed Maintenance Chief Steward and we all welcomed her as well. The website will be updated accordingly.

Tomorrow we are providing new steward training to some members that are stepping up.

That’s about it for now. Enjoy the weather.

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