Motor Vehicle

Our Craft Director for Motor Vehicles and Transportation is Zachary DeRuyter. Zach graduated from Spencerport High School in 2004 and then went to Alfred State where he graduated with a degree in Automotive Service.  In 2006 he started working as a Master Certified Automotive Technician until he was fortunate enough to get a job with the United States Postal Service in their Vehicle Maintenance Facility (VMF).  Shortly after his probation period he decided to become a union steward and represent the employees of the Rochester VMF where his passion allowed him to quickly ascended to the position of Motor Vehicle Craft Director. You can contact Zach by leaving him a message at (585) 334-8787 or sending him an email at

Dale Michael is a truck driver and a motor vehicle steward. You can leave messages for Dale at (585)-424-3877 or at the main office at (585) 334-8787.


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