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APWU Local 215 Union Office:

We are located at 2974 E. Henrietta Road, however, please do not show up without an appointment.
Please send mailings to P.O. Box 22692, Rochester, NY 14692.

Phone: (585) 334-8787

Jefferson Road P&DC Union Office Phone: (585) 424-3877

Lyell Ave NW P&DC Union Office Phone: (585) 458-3464

Email Addresses:


Vice President:

P&DC Clerk Chief Steward:

NW P&DC Clerk Chief Steward: or

NW P&DC Maintenance Chief Steward:

P&DC Maintenance Chief Steward:

MVS Chief Steward:

For any steward in the Rochester Area Local, their email address is generally their first name followed by If you are unsure, feel free to email questions or concerns to and he will forward your email to the appropriate person.