National Updates and a Union Meeting

The National President of the APWU issued a statement regarding the contract negotiations. He apparently was satisfied with a tentative agreement reached through negotiations, however the tentative agreement was shot down by the Rank and File Bargaining Advisory Committee, a committee formed by the appointment of one APWU member (Mostly APWU Presidents and Vice-Presidents from locals like myself) from each of the 13 members of the National Executive Board. In part, President Dimondstein wrote a statement which says, “The APWU Constitution has a democratic process where any tentative agreement goes to the Rank and File Bargaining Advisory Committee for acceptance and their decision whether to send it to the membership for a ratification vote. The Rank and File Bargaining Advisory Committee had some serious concerns with the tentative agreement and sent it back to the APWU National leadership to reopen negotiations with management and attempt to address their concerns.”

President Dimondstein’s entire statement can be read —-> HERE!

In October of last year, I attended a President’s conference in Portland, Maine, where President Dimondstein made it known that he was not intending to fill the North East Regional Coordinator’s position which was going to be vacated by Retiring Coordinator John Dirzius.  This would mean that our area, the Eastern Area, would have to be combined with the Northeast Area in to one larger area under just one Regional Coordinator. Many of us at that conference and across the Country since let President Dimondstein know that we did not support this decision, that it was the kind of thing that the Postal Service does, and stands to make us a weaker Union.  There are many reasons for this, suffice to say, President Dimondstein changed his mind and announced yesterday of his appointment of Queens Area Local President Ron Suslak to the vacant Northeast Regional Coordinator position.

You can read his statement on that—–> HERE!

There is a Union Meeting tomorrow night, January 17, hope to see you there.

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