Happy New Year!!

It’s not quite the new year, as it is December 28, 2020… but who is not in a hurry to get this year over with? I for one am done with 2020. Bring on a new year.

Good news for PSE Clerks in the 2 plants. Our national president, on Christmas eve, signed an MOU with the Post Office. Item # 1 in the MOU states, “The Postal Service will convert 5,524 PSEs to career status in 192 installations as identified by the Postal Service, consistent with the attached table. The conversions will occur no later than March 13, 2021.”  The “attached table” the item refers to shows that 33 PSE Clerks at the Jefferson Rd P&DC, and 8 PSE Clerks at the Lyell Rd NWP&DC, will be converted by March 13, 2021.  Congratulations to all of them as they will now have career jobs with career wages and benefits.

Many Coronavirus related MOU’s have been extended, most until March 26, 2021. The Liberal leave and change of schedule MOU is one of them.  The FFCRA has not been extended, or renewed, at this time. That relief is in the hands of Congress. I am hopeful that it will be renewed shortly into the New Year. It runs out December 31, 2020. We shall see what happens.

Local Union meetings will continue to be held over Zoom, the next one being January 21, 2021. Any member that would like an invite needs to send an email to me at Rob@apwulocal215.com and I will send you an invite to the meeting.

Please, everyone, wear your masks, and protect yourself and others… Dr. Fauci and President-elect Biden agree, the immediate future will be bad as Covid-19 cases increase due to the Holidays… Stay Safe!!!