Contact your Supervisor for Covid Absences

Below I have the letter I am posting on the Bulletin Boards at the Jefferson Rd P&DC, and will be leaving copies in the Swing Room magazine rack for employees to take with them.

If you are not at the Jefferson Road Plant, and Management has not provided you with a phone number to call in case of a Covid related absence, ask them for one, and if they do not provide one, contact your steward.

For Jefferson Road employees:

COVID Related Absences – March 14, 2021

            The following numbers were provided to myself as numbers the employees of the Rochester P&DC should call if they are calling in for a Covid related absence. Due to the fact that Management has consistently failed to provide employees pertinent Covid related information,  I have come up with this letter. I urge you to try the numbers below. The Privacy Act allows you to protect your personal information, so if you reach someone other than a Postal Management official, simply request to talk to one , and let the Management official know that you are calling in for a Covid related absence. If you get a voicemail, leave a message, including a contact number, and take a written note of date and time you left the message and to what number. If unable to get even a voicemail to answer the phone, or your call is not returned, I urge you to contact your Union, provide a phone number for contacting you, and explain your situation.

Tour 1   –        (585)  272-5724          Tour 1 MDO/Supervisors


                        (585)   272-5789         Tour 1 MDO

Tour 2   –        (585)  272-5609          Security/Tour Clerk/Supervisors


                        (585)  272-5604          Dispatch Desk

Tour 3  –         (585)  272-5758          Tour 3 MDO


                        (585)  272-5608          Tour 1 Supervisors

 We should expect more from Management at the Rochester P&DC, such as these phone numbers, as well as being notified through stand up talks when there is a Covid Positive in our building. Stay safe everyone and care for each other because it is quite obvious how much management cares for us.

                                                                        ROB STAHL,                                                                                    PRESIDENT