Several Updates

I have updated the seniority lists for the P&DC, since last Saturday, due to a large number of conversions, both PSE & Career lists have changed. They are hiring a bunch of new PSE’s over the next couple weeks, o that list will have additional people added in the near future.

Most MOU’s related to Covid have been extended until September 30, 2021. This includes the Liberal leave and change of schedule policy.

I had a meeting with the new acting postmaster yesterday, and during the discussions the issue of out of schedule pay for the Main Office Window Fill-in Clerks (Relief and Pool Clerks). It appears that they have not been properly paying pool and relief clerks. It is up to the Clerks to let us know if and when they are not being paid properly. In general, the rule is, that as long as they notify you by Wednesday of the week prior to the fill in assignment, and that assignment is to cover an absence or vacancy of at least 5 days, they do not have to pay you out of schedule pay for hours worked that are different from your “bid” schedule. However, if they have you work hours that are different from your bid schedule, and it is not to cover a vacancy or absence for 5 days or more, then you are entitled to out of schedule pay for the hours worked outside of your bid schedule. If hey fail to notify you by the Wednesday preceding, you are also entitled to that out-of-schedule premium.

Principles of seniority are very important. You are normally supposed to work your bid, however, when the need arises for an employee to work outside of their bid, the junior employee is that employee. PSE’s are junior to career, and overtime career are junior to normally scheduled career.

Employees requesting EFEL leave must provide sufficient documentation, the rules for this leave are pretty strict. It is only available for employees that can’t come to work due to limited number of Covid related reasons. Please don’t try to scam the system, you likely will not succeed in getting paid.

If you ask the Union for advice, realize we are human, and can make a mistake from time to time. However, it seems everyone that asks me for advice these days either doesn’t like it and does their own thing (usually with negative outcomes) or they want to argue about the advice I give. Please stop. If the Steward tells you something, then you ask the Chief Steward and they tell you the same thing, then you ask the President and they tell you the same thing…. it’s likely your arguing with the people that represent you is getting you nowhere. If you suspect an answer provided by a steward is incorrect, feel free to e-mail me at and I will provide you with the contractual language, or best evidence we have, to answer your question. Thanks