Pay Issues

Our national APWU was just notified less than 90 minutes ago of the following:


 I have been informed that some payroll checks for PP4 are delayed due to FedEx network/transportation issues.  This is impacting several Areas.  The checks may not be received at the destination office by payday, Friday, February 19. 

The field has been instructed that impacted employees will need to be issued a Salary Advance via AdjustPay.  The employee is entitled to the full amount of the check as listed on the payroll register.   

 I do not have a list of impacted facilities. 

 If you have any questions, please let me know.


 Shannon Richardson


Headquarters APWU Contract Administration

President Dimondstein has requested the list of impacted facilities and employees. Please note that Labor Relations is stating impacted employees are entitled to advances in the full amount of the check through AdjustPay.