Covid Related Guidance

As this important battle continues, we recommend the following for any postal worker that has been exposed to COVID-19, is experiencing symptoms, or been diagnosed as COVID positive/presumptive positive:

• Follow the USPS policy as outlined in a multitude of stand-up talks, policy documents, and statements and stay home from work.

• Follow the USPS policy and report the diagnosis, exposure, or symptoms to the USPS.

• When reported, workers should ask management what next steps to take.

• When management initiates the action that the employee cannot report to work, workers should ask whether they will be placed on administrative leave.

• If management instructs and compels workers to use their own leave (sick or annual) a grievance should be filed documenting the fact circumstances of each case, including the date when management was notified, management response, name (s) of management officials involved and when and how exposure happened.  [ Leave slip should be filled out and the denied slip should be included in a grievance.]